About ChenFull - Profile

ChenFull International Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1982. With highly professional engineering construction technology and overall engineering management capability, ChenFull is capable to build and expand factories for high-tech industries as for highly complex factory operation system and manufacturing environment. From the special pipeline project, equipment installing project, system integrating project to the use of pipeline accessories and materials, we carry out them with the stringent construction quality and high-effective operating mode, not only can meet the purpose of safe control, but also improve the production capacity of the whole factory and reduce the production cost of customer effectively through a complete plan.

Since its establishment, ChenFull has been upheld the business principles of integrity, aggressiveness, innovation and breakthrough, and provided the high-tech industries with all-around system integrating service based on the professional and enthusiastic project serving team and the core technical capacity. ChenFull passed the review of ISO 9002 quality control system certification in 2000, was awarded the 25th Youth Career Development Model of ROC in 2003, and was approved as a listed company in 2004. We will in the future continue to inherit the excellent spirit of enterprise, fully develop more diverse factory system peripherals to meet the market demands of high-tech industries and become the all-around system integrating expert with the core system integrating technology in the rapid progress of scientific and technological development.

Besides engineering business, ChenFull merged its investment company – Chenfeng Machinery & Enterprise Co., Ltd., and made it become one of the main business unit and develop it into an all-around enterprise including engineering, machinery and precise technology manufacturing, etc. in order to effectively integrate resources and expand operation scope. Founded in 1976, Chenfeng, which has a long history of 30 years, is the largest shoemaking equipment supplier and with its own brand "Chenfeng", which is capable of researching and developing machinery, electronic control, automation and system integration, and completely know design, manufacturing, assembly, quality control and test of products, as well as selling and servicing techniques involved in more than 60 countries in the world. In addition to shoemaking equipment, Chenfeng set foot in aeronautic precise component manufacturing industry and became the satellite factory of the current Aviation Development Center of MND, engaged in manufacturing mental components of home-made fighters in order to respond to the plan of "Airplane Made in Taiwan" in 1986, and spent NTD$ 100 million to purchase a large scale five-axis gantry milling machine that was rarely seen in Taiwan in 1994. With years of experience in precision machining field, Chenfeng now is not only the major supplier of aeronautic component machining domestically but also the supplier of equipment components for many well-known optoelectronic and semiconductor companies. After the merge, Chenfeng became the machinery business unit of ChenFull International Co., Ltd. With capital and sales network support from ChenFull, Chenfeng will further widen the gap from competitors in addition to consolidating its leading edge in shoemaking equipment and precision manufacturing industries.

In response to the trend, ChenFull, based on its profound foundation of engineering, machinery and precision technological manufacturing, is actively being engaged in the energy business whilst executes R&D and imports foreign equipment related to livelihood energy, which are spread and sold in the market, and has been considerably eye-catching. ChenFull in the future will keep abreast of the times, persists on the core technology and innovation, and creates a foundation for sustainably operating enterprise.