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ChenFull International Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1982. Since its establishment, ChenFull has been upheld the business principles of integrity, aggressiveness, innovation and breakthrough. By its engineering service team and technology core competencies, Chenfull is dedicated to providing engineering services of factory for high-tech industries. In 2004, Chenfull was approved as a listed company. In order to efficiently integrate the resources and enlarge the business scope, in 2006, ChenFull merged its investment company – Chenfeng Machinery & Enterprise Co., Ltd., and set it as one of the main business units. Chenfull's major customers are the leading companies in shoemaking machinery, aerospace, optoelectronic, semiconductor and water resources. It made Chenfull become a diversified enterprise.

Chenfeng Machinery & Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976. Chenfeng with its own brand is a famous supplier of shoemaking machinery in the world. Chenfeng has strong R&D capabilities in machinery, electronic control, automation, and system integration to handle production design, manufacturing, assembly, quality, testing, global marketing and customer service. By "Perfecting Your Shoes", Chenfeng is devoted to shoemaking machinery. The mission we set at the beginning was "Help more people have shoes". Now, we still keep it, and upgrade it to "Help more people have nice shoes". In 1986, Chenfeng entered precision machining of aerospace industry and became a satellite factory of Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. We manufactured the metal components and parts used in IDF fighter. After merging into Chenfull, we applied our core competencies of precision machining to critical parts manufacturing and integrated services. Now, we are one of the important suppliers of critical parts not only in aerospace industry but also in optoelectronic and semiconductor.

Chenfull also extended its engineering capability to water recycling and desalination plant. In 2012, Chenfull established the largest desalination plant in Taiwan. The desalination plant stable supplies high quality water for Penghu residents. Chenfull is devoted to protecting water resource and making more people have pure water.

To adapt the changing and progress of the world, Chenfull continuously strengthen its capabilities of core competencies and innovation by means of its solid foudation in engineering, machinery, precision technical, and water purification. Chenfull also continuously focus on its value added products and services based on the direction of its business strategy, "Resources-Integration, Co-Market", to establish the foundation of sustainable development.


Business scope

Engineering Division

Chenfull provides system integration services of facility engineering for high-tech industry. By outstanding quality, Chenfull also got ISO9002 certification and has became the expert of comprehensive system integration in high-tech industry.

Main Products:

  • Facility System
  • Cleanroom System
  • Hook Up System
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • On-Site Services
  • Pipeline Supplies

Water Resource Division

One of the bigest issues in the future is water shortage due to limited water resource, and fast growing in industrial and population. Over 70% surface of the earth is covered by water, where close to 97% is sea water that can not drink directly. Furthermore, a lot of fresh water has been either polluted or exhausted. Therefore, to purify the polluted or non-drinking water becomes a doable solution to resolve the issue of water shortage.

For the environment, since 2006, Chenfull has played a important role in water resource by joining the construction and operation of Makung Desalination Plants of BOT Project.

Products and Services:

  • Construction and operation of Desalination Plants and Wastewater Recycling Plants.

Shoemaking Machinery Division

Since 1976, Chenfeng has been the supplier of shoemaking machinery. Especially, Chenfeng is the only shoemaking machinery company in the world who has the manufacturing capability of aerospace standard. Chenfeng researchs, designs and manufactures the shoemaking equipments. By the brand 《全鋒ChenFeng》, Chenfeng has successfully sold the shoemaking equipments into global marketing.

With high quality, Chenfeng is a leading company in shoemaking machinery industry. Chenfeng also continuously provide the innovative equipments, total solutions and professional services for customers to achieve our commitment "Perfecting Your Shoes". It is our honor and mission that our customers can make shoes perfectly. To develop Industry 4.0 and the automation of shoemaking industry, Chenfeng enlarges the cooperation with international shoe firms and shoemaking factories to innovate and research the solutions of shoemaking automation.

Solutions of Shoemaking:

  • Total Solution for Lasting Shoe
  • Total Solution for Strobel Shoe
  • Total Solution for Shoe Assembling and Sole Attaching
  • Total Solution for Variously Cutting Shoe Materials

Precision Technology Division

Chenfull manufactures metal structures and engine of aerospace, materials of optoelectronic and semiconductor. With excellent process capability, strict quality assurance, and quality certification by international aerospace leading manufacturers, Chenfull has high quality manufacturing talents and strong supply systems. Including specification interpretation, feasibility assessment, process planning, programming, tools design, post-production, assemblly, and quality assurance, The management and controll systems of Chenfull ensure the required quality and services to provide total solutions to our customers.

By positioning "Global Provider of precision manufacture and services", Precision Technology Division provides global competitive manufacture and services to make, customers, suppliers and Chenfull, 3-Win solutions.

Main Products:

  • Components of Precision Devices
  • Components of Aerospace Structure
  • Key Components of Aircraft Engine
  • Tools of Optoelectronic, Semiconductor and Solar



  • Integrity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Innovation
  • Breakthrough


  • Resources-Integration
  • Co-Market


  • Focus
  • Cultivating
  • Expanding
  • Growing